Challenge Yourself!

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Enlight858Enlight858 Enlight866Enlight866 E5938436-8444-49C7-A8C4-E428766C55D9E5938436-8444-49C7-A8C4-E428766C55D9 When you challenge yourself, you change yourself!!

Greetings all!

Happy Friday!

On my first blog post I forgot to include that I’ll also be discussing health and fitness.

I used to be super motivated,  working out all the time, even taught a “Gospel Zumba” class at church.  What happened you ask? I stopped teaching the class then I didn’t continue working out like I had been and here I am 20 pounds later. I didn’t feel I had to work out as much. I was obviously, clearly wrong!!

Now I have an awesome new health coach (my best friend back home in Michigan) to help me along the way, become more aggressive and accountable for my workouts and eating habits. She keeps me motivated and provides amazing fitness and health tips! 

Mike and I agreed on our Fridate we both need coaches/mentors/and or accountability partners in all aspects of our lives. It helps you stay on task so much! So far we have two spiritual coaches (our Pastors) individual health coaches and business accountability partners. 

Side note: My husband IS a strength coach as well but it’s really hard to get told what to do, not do and pushed hard by your own husband. Didn’t work for us......ok me.....didn’t work for me! Love him dearly though 😊)

If there is something you’re passionate about and really want to do it’s not too late! Just do it!! Start today!! You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. I promise!

The Word reads:

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).


Here are 5 quick tips you can do right now to live better and be better. 

  1. Keep God first in all you do. Read and Do what the Bible says. 
  2. Don’t give up. Stop doubting yourself. You can do it. Just do it!
  3. Protect your space and your circle. Not everyone is rooting for you to succeed. Energies and attitudes are contagious. Say bye to toxic negative relationships. 
  4. Nurture and love on your family. The unconditional love of your family is God’s greatest blessing. I still remember the days I prayed for what I have now. (Which leads to #5)
  5. Don’t take anything for granted. I Thank God everyday for all I have (and don’t have).  It’s so easy to become complacent.......don’t!


Stay blessed!



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