One Year Birthday Session

January 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Ameera-1Ameera-1KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-4Ameera-4KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-19Ameera-19KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-26Ameera-26KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-32Ameera-32KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-43Ameera-43KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-44Ameera-44KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-48Ameera-48KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-46Ameera-46KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-49Ameera-49KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-50Ameera-50KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-39Ameera-39KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-40Ameera-40KIMSTEWARDphoto Ameera-41Ameera-41KIMSTEWARDphoto ameeracollageameeracollage It was a chilly morning when Ameera, her mom, Mary, and grandmother came by. It was so nice catching up with you Mary! We had a great session. Ameera was so happy and curious. Her mom was talking to her while I’m on the floor capturing each smile. We both were working hard. Lol. Each image makes me smile. Ameera you are one blessed, adorable, loved little princess. Happy First Birthday!!! 😘


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