Selfie Tips!!!! Part Two

February 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Greetings everyone! 

After posting my first video I was asked "Where’s the cell phone timer?" So I’m going to go over that first and go from there on enhancing and editing your selfies!! 

Leave a comment or question below and post your selfies (using these tips) on FaceBook and Instagram with hashtag selfies with Kim Stew!

That's #selfieswithkimstew

Once again I pray these tips help at least one person take better selfies!  More tips to follow!

Be beautiful and stay blessed!!!!


#selfieswithkimstewSelfie Tips Part 2 Editing!! B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds! B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!Red door background. Before editing. B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!After edit B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!Rock background before editing B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!After edit. I flipped it too. B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!Solid background with great lighting from the window. B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!SOOC (Straight out of camera) B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!Cropped out the door frame and my shoulder. B2EDC7EA-A694-4ABD-B610-817AFAEC0428Backgrounds!Different filter on FotoRus app


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